Sep 23, 2019

Kwale Mineral Sands project in Kenya.

Client: Base Resources Ltd Professional team: WSP and Syralco/LNW Main contractors: Stefanutti Stocks Marine, Steel Structures, Prodelko and Seyani Brothers & Co Overview: Base Resources Ltd. From Australia […]
Sep 10, 2019

Mpact Felixton Mill – construction and commissioning of the first paper roll and reel storage handling facility in the southern hemisphere in South Africa

Key Role Players Client: Mpact Operations (Ltd) Professional Team: • LNW Consulting Engineers & Project Managers (Pty) Ltd • MSJ Geotechnical Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd • […]
Sep 9, 2019

Pioneer Silo Complex

Pioneer Silo Complex – Malmesbury After detecting large vertical cracks on their grain silos, Pioneer Foods appointed LNW Consulting Engineers and Project Managers in 2018 to […]