Structural Engineering

At LNW Consulting Engineers & Project Managers our expert team of structural engineers cover all aspects of weight-bearing structures. They will analyse every procedure of your project, such as the materials used, the quantity of materials you’d require for the project, to the components that would best suit the project, all the way down to the demolition of structures on brownfield projects.

Our team of structural engineers works very closely with the architects designing the structure to ensure that all aspects of safety have been implemented in the design of the structure. Architects focus on the design of the structure, but civil engineers concentrate on the safety of a structure and its functionality this is done by applying mathematics and physics to the project.

The structure if near to the sea should be made of materials that are corrosion resistant, the structure must be able to withstand harsh weather conditions such as storms they even need to make sure how long the structure can stand until it requires maintenance or demolition. However, they are not limited to just the exterior of the structure they also oversee the blueprints designed by the electricians and plumbers for the plumbing and electrical layout to ensure that they are done correctly and will not result in any accidents.

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