Mechanical Engineering

At LNW Consulting Engineers and Project Managers we have a team of experienced mechanical engineers. Their role is to take the idea you have in your mind and draw up a plan for constructing the prototype in the most efficient way, whilst ensuring the full functionality of the prototype.

After completing the drawing up of the plan, they will then start on the conceptualisation of your product. They will begin by analysing how to build the prototype and then what materials would best suit the prototype. After this, they begin to construct the prototype. After constructing the prototype they will run various tests on the prototype to see how it is functioning and what areas need improving.

After testing how the prototype functions and making the needed improvements, the mechanical engineers will then start to build the prototype as a product. It is important to note that they will again run various tests on the product to determine if they are completely satisfied with the functionality of the product. Once the tests have proved that they are satisfied with the product they will begin the analysation of what materials to use for mass production and the most efficient way to assemble the product.

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