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Mines & Quarries

The mining industry is notoriously dangerous and has a large impact on the environment. We may have better technology, however, the challenges mining companies are now facing are far greater than ever before. We are having to dig deeper to access resources, while trying to remain sustainable in today’s modern climate.

The damage that mining causes the environment must be reduced, which means the industry as a whole needs to shift its thinking. While remaining financially stable and profitable for investors, mining entities and companies are now implementing cost effective and cutting-edge solutions, which reduce damage to the environment, all while still remaining attractive to investors.

At LNW Consulting Engineers and Project Managers (Pty) Ltd, we have a wealth of experience in the mining sector. We specialise in handling and process engineering in the mining and quarry industries. Our expertise allows for an all-inclusive plant construction solution, which includes turnkey projects, feasibility studies, plant renewals, as well as plant upgrades and extensions.

We have a relationship with a major technology supplier in the Netherlands, which gives our clients access to years of research and development to give them an edge in a competitive market.

Some of our processes include material handling (above and below ground), stock piling, crushing, screening, milling, washing, waste handling, slimes impoundment and rehabilitation.

Additionally, it is important to note that our clients can rely on us to provide them with a reliable service. This is because we have 18 years of experience as a company supplying services such as equipment design, construction and commissioning. We always put our clients first and in doing so, have a track record of allowing investors to realise their anticipated return on investment.

With all of this taken into account we are aiming to use our experience in combination with state-of-the-art technology to provide a service that is unrivalled by our competitors, all while reducing the negative environmental impact of mining on the environment.


What exactly is smelting? Smelting is the process whereby you extract a base metal from an ore by applying heat. A chemical agent is also present in the process which, in combination with the heat, removes other elements or slag, leaving behind just the base metal.

We have vast materials handling experience in aluminium, steel and ferrometal smelters. Other areas of experience are listed below.

  • Reduction Processes
  • Carbon Baking Furnaces
  • Anode Rodding Plants
  • Paste Plants
  • Casting Facilities
  • Electric Arc Furnaces
  • Holding Furnaces
  • Crucible handling and Cleaning Facilities
  • Hot Metal Cranes
  • Potlining, Dross & Slagment Handling

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