Commercial Engineering Services

The responsibility of a commercial engineer covers a broad spectrum of tasks. Simply put commercial engineers’ asses and design public structures to ensure that they are safe for use by the general public.

Consulting commercial engineers do site evaluations through stakeholders to deem the land you wish to work on environmentally safe for construction. Commercial engineers use state-of-the-art technology to draw up blueprints for efficient construction.

They work closely with architects to not only ensure the safety but also the aesthetics of a public structure. Commercial engineers comply with all building rules and regulations to ensure that your structures design is government approved. However, you should know that the responsibility of a commercial engineer doesn’t stop at the design of a building but rather the safety of the building.

Commercial engineers also draw up blueprints for the plumbing, ventilation, electrical, heating and cooling systems even parking lot blueprints are designed by commercial engineers to ensure the environment inside, outside and around the building is also efficient. Commercial engineering is not just limited to the design and functionality of a building but also the maintenance and re-design of a building.

Commercial engineers are a vital part of any commercial structure, they asses all process for successfully completing your commercial structure.

LNW Consulting Engineers & Project Managers have the necessary expertise to ensure your vision is realised from conception to completed project.

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