Civil Engineering

At LNW we have a host of civil engineers ready to take on your project. Below we have summarised what a civil engineer will do from the start of a project to the end of a project.

  • Our civil engineers analyse all environmental factors in their on-site inspection to decide whether you can work on the land or not.
  • Once the on-site inspection has been approved, they will get all the necessary permits to being construction.
  • They will approve the design from the architects once they have seen all specifications. They will also approve the plans for ventilation, heating and cooling systems, plumbing and electrical.
  • After approval has been given, the construction team can start building the structure according the architects specifications.
  • During the construction process the civil engineers will be there to supervise the construction team and ensure they are building to the correct specifications.
  • After completion of your project the civil engineers will run a few test to check that everything is in order.
  • Our civil engineers will also manage repairs, maintenance and renovation on structures.

Everywhere you go there are structures designed and created by civil engineers, such as bridges, skyscrapers, buildings, malls and monuments like the Golden Gate Bridge etc. Civil engineers are vital in society not only do they deal with all the infrastructure you see today but they also deal with transportation infrastructure. This type of infrastructure refers to roads, highways and railway systems. Without them we wouldn’t have a society like we do today.

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